Thursday, August 2, 2012

Silly Sally Fun Pack

Another week of summer preschool has come and gone.  This week our theme was Silly Sally.  Silly Sally is a wonderful picture book that has a definite sequence and lends itself to teaching rhyming.

 I must admit I hate to teach rhyming.  Kids seem to get it right away or they don't.  I THOUGHT my students on the autism spectrum were going to town on the whole rhyming thing when I realized the had just memorized the word pairs we practiced!  I had to create several more tasks for them to practice.  I will post those soon.  In the meantime here are some of the pages in the Silly Sally Fun pack.

We practiced writing color words. (I have some five and six year old students who have mastered most if not all pre-K skills,  We just kept building!)

 I cut these apart and use clothes pins to select the correct answer.  You could laminate and use dry erase markers as well.  I laminate everything and use them over and over with dry erase markers.

You can get the whole pack here.   I hope you enjoy it.  You will have to let me know if our students are as puzzled as mine were by the character Neddy Buttercup....they just couldn't figure him out.

Queen Pea

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